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“The sort of person who someone might say: ‘oh he’s gay, but he’s lovely!’”

Acceptable Face is an animated discussion about the ‘ideal’ respectable queer person.

How would they look, act, and let people know that they’re not “that kind of gay”?

Based on a series of interviews with LGBTQ+ people, this experimental charcoal animation explores the pressure to be a ‘good example’, and the joy of refusing to conform.

Please be aware this film discusses homophobia and transphobia, and contains strong language.
Includes English closed caption subtitles.

Edinburgh College of Art 2019.

'Best Scottish Short' at Scottish Queer International Film Festival 2019


Flatpack Film Festival 2020 (moved online)

Glasgow Short Film Festival 2020 (postponed)

BFI Flare 2020 (cancelled)

Deptford Cinema Film Festival, 2019

Scottish Queer International Film Festival, 2019

QUEER-Streifen Regensburg 2019

Fringe! Queer Arts and Film Festival 2019

Glasgow Short Film Festival's 'Shorts in Support' cinema screening programme 2019

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